Understand your people.
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Imagine having a living breathing interactive resume for every person in your organization that tracks all the projects they work on and verifies their growing skillsets and abilities.
Partnr is redefining the resume and helping companies get the right people on the right projects right away.

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partnr for business

A people database for modern companies

Our platform transforms people’s resumes and employee profiles into one interactive living and breathing source to understand their superpowers.

It gives your company a people database to collect, organize, and filter insights as you wish to optimize your teams and increase business performance.

Real-time Project Tracking

Connect the apps you use for work or manually start projects to simply track project goals, activity, and results in real-time.

Verified Skills and Abilities

Get verified skillset and ability credits from each project captured on Partnr. Watch and display your evolving skillsets overtime.

3-way Interactivity

Give and get consistent project feedback, team and individual recognition, and build out co-worker relationships.

"Partnr is helping to reinvent the way companies think about people, and how people think about themselves." - Amanda Sabreah, CEO

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