the science of Partnr

The future of work is here

At Partnr, our research team stays on top of the quickly changing world of work and what that means for the individual worker and organizational design. Here's what we've found so far:

short employment cycles

4.5 years

average expected tenure of employees at all levels


35% to 50%

percentage of freelancers in global workforce by 2020

rise of global workforce


rise of global and transcontinental workers in the last 10 years

organizational redesign


of companies
believe that redesigning the organization is very important

The companies that will win in this fast pace future must maximize their most important asset:

their people

The problem today

People are moving more quickly in, out, and around organizations making it harder to accurately gauge their skillsets, abilities, and effectiveness.

To compound the problem...

Employees are more disengaged than ever


US employees are disengaged at work (and 20% of engaged workers are burned out)

Gallup 2017

Introducing Partnr

maximize the individual, maximize the team, maximize the organization

Imagine a world where people are placed into optimal roles on projects that maximize their skillsets and abilities, match their passions, and are teamed with people who have complimentary personality types. Our technology enables you to do just that, easily and accurately.

Self Determination Theory


Skillsets & Abilities

Using natural craft and learned knowledge to master tasks that are important to you.

Passions & Interests

Connecting to a cause or idea that's larger than yourself that drives deep motivation.

Personality Traits

Feeling understood and connected to others, with the ability to achieve and progress together.

Putting science to action

Design, adjust, and adapt your organization accurately and continuously with Partnr, the software built around motivational science.